Epistemology is the study of knowledge.

So for instance, you’re looking at yourself in the mirror and asking, “How do I know what I know? Are there logical assumptions from which I can build a more comprehensive understanding of reality? Is that even possible? How would I determine what assumptions are logical? Why do I assume to have that capacity? In fact, how is it possible for anyone to have that capacity? Your eyes lie! I can’t even be sure that I am what I see in the mirror. I can’t know for sure that my reason and understanding originate within this structure of flesh that I see reflected in the mirror. Is that my first assumption? Should I attempt to empirically verify the origination of my thoughts before I begin to reason a deeper understanding about the things around me? Would that be, like, brain surgery?”

The first version went something like this:

“How do I know that I am? Are there logical assumptions that I can make to prove my own existence or should I conduct experiments? Do I need to be empirically verified? Is it even possible to know for sure that I exist? What about how? How do I exist? Is it possible to discover a method by which I exist?”

While the soliloquy was questioning how he/she knows something, it was admittedly sloppy and too ontological/existential, as others have pointed out (thanks). Anyway, it was a bad example and so that shit got updated.

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