In Pursuit With Excitement

I am running today. There’s a length of road unfurling from a spool I dictate; on this side green idyllic valley, on this side clean urban culture, up ahead, a destiny. The running isn’t running, it’s a brisk walk that won’t wear me out, but the scenery changing and the unfurling fast enough to keep exciting, to stay excited about moving, not looking back at the swamps where the road began.

3 thoughts

  1. Noticing something on your about page…you say poetry so many times it’s almost poetic I mean not poetry, no not at all poetry absolutely not but something of it poetic for certain 🙂


    • haha. We can say maybe the subconscious has funny way of repressing itself. And also we can maybe say the about page is a work in need of progress. lol. Thanks for the follow, btw- I have sparkle bookmarked!

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      • Sweet! Thanks! and truly I like your about you page…you said what needed to be said and it made me giggle how after all of it which btw was very well written then you summed it all up in one line! It was an interesting read! 🙂


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