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The site’s arranged to make browsing as easy as browsing on a free WordPress theme can be. Which means it’s easy to read without having to navigate around. The front page has a variety of different posts; if you’re looking for say just prose-poetry because you don’t need to read about my personal life (I’m not offended, honestly, I think it’s a little weird and narcissistic to put life details on the internet because inherent in that action is the belief that other people will give/should give a shit. But let’s face it, it’s the digital age, and if someone especially a writer would like a career then they need a blog, the success of which always seems to hang on just how transparent and prolific the blogger is. So, call it filler.).

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A note on the content:
(This seemed like a better idea while I was typing it.)
I want to be clear about this: what you find here isn’t poetry. These aren’t thoughtful ruminations, time spent choosing proper phrases to illustrates themes and emotions. What you’ll find here are blog posts – brain-matter splattered against the wall and the sporadic attempts to straighten the mess into something that makes sense, or at least illustrates, the Rorschach test that is the confusion splattered on said wall.

This isn’t poetry.

And I reiterate this because I do not want to give myself any expectations of what it is I need to dump here. I can’t spend hours each day on this craft, though God knows I wish I could. (I’d die right now if I knew I’d get an immediate reincarnation at the ripe age of 24 with all my prior memories and with the bestowal of 10 hours each day to blow serious catharses onto WordPress.)

I believe I’ve digressed.

This is a blog. This blog is on the internet. The internet craves constant content because the human species has an insatiable, monstrous hunger for content. This blog is going to feed that beast. I just haven’t exactly figured out what I’ll be feeding it.

Whatever comes out here, it isn’t poetry. It may be poetic, but I’d like to hold poetry to a higher standard. You could sound poetic on Twitter. Again, this is the internet.

Literature is the last art form to find itself struggling against the sucking power of the digital era. It has always been inevitable; the internet has revolutionized human communication, and literature, when you get to the bottom of it, is just humans communicating.

Just as the internet has revolutionized every other aspect of life (except maybe knitting), new categories of literature are emerging. We will always have fiction and poetry and creative non-fiction, but here on the internet these traditional forms are being smashed together, heated to an unheard-of melting point, and then reforged into something deserving of a title all its own. We just haven’t recognized the need to name it yet.

And this is why I don’t want myself, nor anyone else, to think of these posts as poetry – I don’t want to give myself expectations of what I should be writing. I just want to enjoy these brief, magnificent, mind-numbing struggles to put something truthful onto the web.

And so that’s it.

If you skipped to the end, the general gist is that this blog does not contain poetry.

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