“Tyler is an excrescence. I’m not sure why they brought him along.”
“The developers build several excrescent office buildings in Boston’s historic Beacon Hill.”


Verb, intransitive
To fervently reason in opposition to an idea, action, etc.
“He didn’t stop expostulating the whole way there. Like, how many reasons could a ten-year-old have for not going to a birthday party?”


Gourmand (gormand)
Connoisseur who eats and drinks excessively, similar to a glutton but with more self-control. They just really like getting their taste buds rubbed.

“I stopped inviting Pumblechook to dinner because, well, he’s a gormand and watching him chase his tenderloin with heaped spoons of creamed corn is just, disgusting.”


Transitive Verb Win someone’s goodwill or favor. “A great political stump-speech propitiates the voter base —more wall, anyone?” “He tried to propitiate the judge but it backfired. I found it easy to misuse Propitiate, so it’s worth mentioning the other forms of the word that are more fun: Noun: “The way he hangs around her…


Sagacious, adj, keen judgement, as in, “A sagacious kid who decides not to accept the partially melted candy bar because the guy reeks of booze.”

The Drums They Beat

Arm in arm go the couple in white, down the aisle, through the crowd. Vows told in lace, speaking secrets in the midday sun: a bouquet soars across its yellow face. Consummation is a popular word for their grandparents. There’s a quiet announcement in the newspaper: congratulations. Congratulations from friends and family, a high school…

A Simple Confusion

Midnight had fallen on me fast with sprawling soul. Loosed from denotations, in a reverie wandering towards home; hidden pockets between buildings where the dark was densest, where mysteries held fast to their own little worlds. I had no ground. I had no self but the faint sounds of crickets and cars in the distance,…