Writer’s Dictionary

I’ve been keeping a list of words I should know the definitions to, writing the words down as I come across them. I’ve done this on-and-off for a few years, religiously, but then forgetting about it and losing the notebook and then restarting a few months later.

So this Writer’s Dictionary is going to catalog those words.

Except this is a blog and not a dictionary, so if you want the definitions and the rest of the goods that accompany those definitions, you’re going to need to click the links. At the bottom of each entry are additional, randomized links to other entries —because browsing recondite words is always fun.

But Wallace-eqsue verbiage doesn’t comprise all of what you’ll find here: No! There’s also a section for literary terms and a section for philosophical terms because I would like to get through Derrida’s Semiology and Grammatology and feel as though I’ve understood it.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy browsing.

Important Words for Writers and Readers

  1. Abrogate
  2. Anachronism
  3. Demure
  4. Desultory
  5. Dissolute
  6. Epistemology
  7. Excrescence
  8. Expostulate
  9. Fastidious
  10. Febrile
  11. Fecund
  12. Gourmand
  13. Internecine
  14. Laconic
  15. Mendicant
  16. Ontology
  17. Propitiate
  18. Sagacious

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